A grand Malaysian adventure

Travelling makes me happy. As I get older I realise that acquiring more possessions means so much less to me than acquiring more happy memories. If they can include my family and friends so much the better.

In 2014 our friends said See Y’All to Texas, moved to Kuala Lumpur and suggested we come visit. I didn’t need a second invite.We had a 3 week window of travel opportunity in July 2015 between daughter no. 2 finishing school for the summer and daughter no. 1 receiving her exam results. 15 months to go.

I have to hold my hands up and admit I’m less of a spontaneous traveller and more of a planner. I hate the thought of missing out on a sight or experience because I didn’t know about it in advance. Doesn’t mean I want to see everything but I would like to at least have considered it before I dismiss it. It’s safe to say that this can drive my family a bit nuts.

After months of research, hours spent on trip advisor and reading blogs I had the outline of an itinerary along with things we wanted to experience. I wanted to see wild orangutans, my husband wanted to see snakes and creepy crawlies, daughter number 1 wanted to see elephants and daughter number 2 wanted to stay in a 5 star hotel and come back with a tan. She’s less of a backpacker and more of a luxury travel kind of girl. Thought it best not to show her in advance some of the very remote places we would be staying. Put it this way, her hair straighteners wouldn’t be seeing much use.

Our trip would be divided into 3 different sections

Adventure in the jungle in Borneo

Bright lights, big City in KL

Escapism on Juara beach on Tioman Island


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