Passage to India

Back when our children were small, I did a series of charity challenges. First to Peru for the Inca Trail, then the desert in Namibia and finally the jungle in Vietnam.

Arriving at Machu Picchu Peru after trekking the Inca Trail 2003
Trekking across the desert in Namibia 2005
Trekking in Pu Luong 2006

I was extremely lucky in that my husband was happy to support my travels and man the fort whilst I was away. At the time, my friends Jackie and Jacquie (confusing right) were full time mums and much as they fancied joining me (or at least they claimed they did!) it wasn’t the right time. We resolved to have our own adventure at some undefined point in the future. Fast forward 12 years and the time has come. Our adventure is about to start.

Challenge no. 1 was deciding where to go. Jacquie lives in Malaysia so didn’t want to have to fly to the UK and then fly on somewhere else. Jackie didn’t want to go anywhere cold or anywhere she thought everyone else went to ie. Nepal.  Given the fact that none of us had been there I didn’t entirely follow her logic but nevertheless, Nepal was out. We settled on India as being somewhere in the middle and I got to work on the research. Having found all the hotels, activities and places we wanted to see I engaged Rajasthan Trekking to make all of the arrangements. They could not have been more helpful.

The resulting itinerary is pretty full on. Starting in Udaipur, day one will see us cycling 20km before breakfast. As I’ve  barely sat on a bike since I was a teenager, my backside is probably not going to thank me. Oh well, we did want a challenge. Days 2-4 will involve lots of trekking through remote villages, staying in places that look pretty basic and which certainly aren’t topping the recommended list of accommodation on trip advisor. I’m excited for a night at Godwad safari camp at the end of this though. Fingers crossed for some big cat sightings. On to Jodphur where we stay in a round mud hut for 2 nights to experience life in a village then Jaipur for palaces, shopping and quality time with some elephants. Then two nights at Ranthambore where, if we’re incredibly lucky, we’ll spot tigers and on to Agra for our date with the Taj Mahal. No time to be sick on our itinerary so let’s hope we’re not. Packing lots of immodium and toilet roll just in case though!

So my bag is packed and tomorrow’s the day. Can’t wait to see what the next two weeks bring…….


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