Agra Fort to Delhi

We checked out of the homestay and headed to Agra Fort. By now, despite the fact that it was Sunday, the roads were seriously busy. It was disturbing to see small children on their own stepping out into the traffic and vehicles didn’t even slow down.

At the entrance to Agra Fort

The fort was lovely. Don’t think the Emperor’s house arrest would have been too taxing

This is the view of the Taj Mahal that the Emperor would have enjoyed 

Ranjeet knew all the best places for a photo

The fort was beautiful and Ranjeet made it all very interesting. Afterwards he took us to a marble shop where they demonstrated the old art of putting jewels on to the marble. Jackie got herself a bargain Taj Mahal tea light. 4000 rupees down to 1000 rupees.

Afterwards Ranjeet took us to one more wholesale shop where both Jax shopped til they dropped. I chose one indian style dress and then sat down and waited for Jackie to haggle for it when she was done. An hour later and we were finally ready to leave the shop. Oh wait, no we’re not. Literally as she was exiting through the door, Jackie saw another dress she liked on a mannequin in the window and turned round and went back in. Ranjeet was laughing and saying that she was so indian. I asked in what way and he said, every way!

After a stop at Pret, we were cutting it fine for the station but suffice to say we needn’t have worried. Ranjeet checked when we arrived and the train was running at least one and a half hours late. We were rather worried as he and Chotu would be leaving us and we had no idea how to find our platform or get on the right train. We had visions in our heads of the 35 hour train journey in the wrong direction endured by the girl we had met at Salawas. Ranjeet hired us a porter whose job it would be to get us on the train. We continued to look worried so he gave us another option to hire another car to drive us to Delhi instead of getting the train. We didn’t really care how much it cost – we took the deal. All that was left was to tell our porter that rather than getting our bags to the train, he needed to get them out to Chotu’s car. We had expected him to use a trolley or bring in some other friends but no, turned out we had hired superman.

Arriving at Agra station. People were sat on the platforms – goodness only knows how long they had waited and how long they still had to go.

Apparently Jackie’s case was too heavy for him to carry
Chotu drove us to meet our new driver and was then probably more than relieved to finally wave us off. We were really grateful to him and to Ranjeet who had been an excellent guide and really dug us out of a hole at the train station. The journey to Delhi was uneventful and three hours later we drew up outside the Claridges. A quick search of the boot and the bonnet for bombs and in we drove.


I got a lovely surprise when the doorbell rang and I was presented with roses and a cake which read ‘happy birthday Waldron’. Fortunately Jacquie just happened to have a Jo Malone candle with her in case any of the rooms had smelled.
Jackie and I sporting our new Indian dresses

A final photo session with our Indian hats

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